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Orvis Northeast Guide of the Year - 2000

Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby Fly Rod Division:

1990- 1st False Albacore (Derby Fly Rod record)

1991- 3rd False Albacore, 3rd Bonito,

1996-3rd Bluefish

1997- 1st Bonito

1997 1st Grand Slam Award (combined weight of all four species)

1998- 2nd Bluefish

1999- 3rd False Albacore

2000- 1st Striped Bass

2001- 1st Bluefish and 1st Grand Slam Award

2002- 1st Striped Bass and 1st Grand Slam Award

2003- 3rd Striped Bass and 2nd    Grand Slam Award

2006- 2nd Bluefish

2007 – 3rd Striped bass

2008 1st Striped Bass


Client Awards:

1995- 1st fly rod Bonito

1996- 2nd fly rod Striped Bass, 3rd all-tackle False Albacore, 2nd fly rod Grand Slam

2000- 1st fly rod False Albacore, 3rd fly rod Striped Bass, 1st fly rod Grand Slam

2001- 1st fly rod False Albacore (1st overall in the Derby Grand Leader)

2002- 2nd fly rod Bluefish

2003- 1st place in Massachusetts Saltwater Statewide Fishing Derby (False Albacore)

2009 1st flyrod Boat Bluefish

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