420 world championships lake Balaton, Hungary 1987 Whether sailing competitively, fishing on his own or working as a fishing guide, Jaime has spent nearly every minute of the past thirty summers on the waters of Martha's Vineyard.

With more than twenty years of guiding under his belt and over a dozen First Place Derby trophies on both his walls and his clients’, Jaime has become The Island's most sought after boat guide.  Jaime holds the Derby Fly Rod Record with a 16.38-pound false albacore that he caught back in 1990. The awards are numerous, but one of the high points occurred during the 2001 Derby when Jaime guided client Mike Henry to a 9.81-pound fly caught false albacore that grabbed one of the eight coveted Grand Leader spots.  He has won the esteemed Fly Rod Grand Slam division three times and guided angler Mark Budreski to the same award in the 55th Derby. 

Jaime fishing with Nelson Smith 1978In 2003 Steve Halley won the Massachusetts Saltwater Derby with a 16.22-pound fly caught false albacore caught on the Boylermaker. In addition to fishing the derby, Jaime also was a Derby committee member for more than 10 years.

   Jaime on cover of Saltwater SportsmanJaime’s talents as a guide and fly tier have been recognized in innumerous magazine articles and several books. His Vineyard Squid fly pattern was the focus of an entire chapter in Secrets of the Saltwater Fly (Little Brown and Company, 1996) and he is well known as the creator of the famed and versatile Bonito Bunny and also the Red Can Squid. Jaime was named Northeast Guide Of The Year by The Orvis Company in 2000. Most recently, he was featured on the cover of the July 2006 issue of SaltWater Sportsman magazine.  

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